Stroller Spotter products are a fun new way to locate your stroller (or even scooter or wheelchair) in a crowd, as well as display your favorite antenna topper! 

They are especially helpful at Disney Parks where strollers are plentiful and often relocated, but can be used anywhere you need to find your stroller quickly. The illumination of our antenna and illuminated antenna balls also help keep you visible during your evening walks or jogs.

Concerned about someone stealing your Stroller Spotter or what happens when more and more people have our AWESOME Product?  Please see our FAQ section.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Stroller Spotter products have been through security at all US theme parks with no issues or concerns.)

Here at Stroller Spotter we pride ourselves on great customer service. We will do what ever we can to make your experience with our product great. Please don't hesitate to CONTACT US if you have any questions, concerns, or comments. We promise a quick and productive response.

Red Illuminated Antenna with topper at dusk. Mickey antenna topper not included.

Patent Pending

(*Mickey Antenna Topper not included)

Afraid you'll spend so long in line for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey that it will be completely dark when you finally make it out?? Never fear- our Illuminated Stroller Spotter is here!  The 18" non-collapsable, but easily storable, antenna rod lights up so your stroller can be found easily in the dark. The antenna is always on (except when you turn it off for storage), so no need to worry whether or not it will be lit when you get back. Batteries are long lasting even if you left it on 24/7 for your entire week's vacation. Patent Pending

Add your own antenna topper or selected one of our toppers seen below.  Antenna comes in 8 colors - Red, Blue, White, Green, Amber, Pink, Purple, and Color Changing. Remember, shipping is always free!

All Disney Characters and images are Copyright and Trademarks of The Walt DIsney Company.

Disney Character Antenna Toppers

Disney character antenna toppers are a fun way to show off your disney flair and further distinguish your Stroller, Wheelchair, or Scooter from all the others!  These toppers fit on our Illuminated Antenna Toppers, car antennas, and pencil tops.  Characters include: Mickey, MInnie, Donald, Goofy, and Princess.

Green Illuminated Antenna Topper on Angled Green Illuminated Antenna at night.

Patent Pending

Our Illuminated Antenna Topper is a tiny beacon of hope in the night! No matter which Illuminated Antenna you choose, these Illuminated Antenna Toppers kick things up a notch. And when you are trying to find your stroller which contains your suddenly much needed diaper bag, that notch means everything. Your little one will appreciate such a mindful parent (and you will appreciate keeping your sanity)! Illuminated Antenna Toppers can be left in their original state or for extra fun, they can be decorated with Sharpie markers, foam pieces, ribbon, etc, to make your ball unique.

Antenna Toppers come in 8 colors - Red, Blue, White, Green, Amber, Pink, Purple, and Color Changing. Remember, shipping is always free!